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Duration: 90 min.

Genre: social drama

Production: InsightMedia

Director: Andriy Ivanuk

Scriptwriter: Andriy Ivanuk

DoP: Ruslan Hirin

Production Designer: Volodymyr Filippov

Producers: Andriy Suyarko, Volodymyr Filippov, Alla Ovsiannikova, Sergiu Pascaru


He works in "Berkut". Everything he has, he got himself. His childhood was a wandering in an orphanage. Now his life is a career. She is another step in his career ladder.


She lives with her family. She completely sacrificed herself for him. Her main desire is a family in the full sense of the word. She wants his love back and believes that pregnancy can do it.

It's the story of Sasha and Alexandr's family.

Sasha, like a humble puppy, lives for his "whims". She always should look flawless: hair, makeup. She have to go to gym to keep fit and live in gratitude to Alexandr for fully provides her life. The only outlet is an photos exhibition of stray animals, which Sasha organizes with her only friend Marina.

Alexandr does not want to have a child. Because Sasha's birth once ruined her father's career, and Alexandr himself become a burden for his own parents, so he grow in an orphanage.

The situation became more complex, when Alexandr, after every sex with Sasha, forces her to take birth control pills, which she secretly has not taken for a long time.

Violence. Violence in families. Violence against women.

These are the things that should not exist in our lives but which unfortunately exist. This is a reality that we unfortunately sometimes have to face.

If there is violence of various forms in life - physical, psychological - how much it affects life and worldview ...

This is a film about family life where cruelty has irreparable consequences.

The events on the Maidan on the night of November 30, 2013 - the violent dispersal of the students, in which Alexandr is directly involved.

During the dispersal, he was spoted in the camera lens, which stops his career growth. Obtaining a new title is postponed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Sasha learns that she is pregnant.